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  What was your life like growing up for you? What type of family did you have?
I grew up in the Tri-States Area, Philadelphia, and South Jersey. I spent lots of time with my family. I played sports, climbing trees in a bright yellow dress, which would drive my mom crazy...LOL. I enjoyed watching my favorite movies and playing my favorite video games.
I have lovely parents who provided me with everything I needed. They raised me to be kind and respectful to others. My mom always took me with her to volunteer with different organizations, which instilled in me the importance of helping others gave me a fulfilling feeling of giving back and contributing to the needs of local communities.
My family is a very close-knit family, a loving, caring family that will put you in your place when needed. The support and love coming from my family cannot be measured, and I am forever grateful for them.
How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what you were going to do for the rest of your life?
I knew I wanted to do something sports-oriented when my dad put my first basketball into my hands; I was around eight (8) years old. The feeling of excitement went through my little body, and I fell in with the game of basketball. My dad realized my excitement for the game and enrolled me in several youth leagues. The joy the game brought me made me realize I needed basketball always to be a part of my life.
Along with basketball, I also fell in love with football, baseball, track, and many other sports. I fell in love with the competitive nature and the many relationships built from playing sports. My dad and I would have intense conversations around sports, which allowed me to hone my skills and feel the passion even more.
Photography-D’Mont Reese Stylist - Donna Brooks Hairstylist - Joyce Lyn Gray Make Up - Imani Pendergrass

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