Page 53 - January 2022 Issue
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 Network with Thought Leaders and Influencers
As you look to grow in thought leadership online, it is necessary that you network with influencers and thought leaders online. Networking is important for success online, and you should look to regularly do it.
If it helps in the long run, you should build your credibility, listen to new perspectives and expand the community you build. You can also work with thought leaders from other industries to talk to them about their knowledge and the struggle they went through to stand where they currently are.
You can also conduct podcasts and other online discussions to communicate with industry leaders. An excellent way to position your brand as a thought leader is to talk to thought leaders from the same industry and let their reputation trickle into yours.
Answer Questions on Quora
Is Quora a social media platform that most entrepreneurs use? No, it isn't! However, Is it one of the platforms that entrepreneurs should be part of? Yes, it should be!
Check out Quora and identify questions related to your organization, expertise, industry, and knowledge base. You can answer these questions with your name and description to get everyone talking about you.
Before you move to Quora, make sure that you have a fair understanding of the answers you can offer. Quora is a public view platform, and everyone will read your answers. While a good answer will get new customers, a bad one can scare them away.
We hope you find the proper techniques
for thought leadership on social media by now. Run through these tips again to make sure you stand out on social media and get the results you deserve.

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