Page 52 - January 2022 Issue
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 Observe National Holidays and Days
There is always an opportunity to celebrate a national holiday or a national day with your audience. There are different days for raising awareness, promoting products, and celebrating with everyone. You shouldn't skip these days if you want to stand out on social media. It is a great practice to celebrate campaigns from National Trivia Day to National Lasagna Day and the more serious Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The more active your online presence is, the better it will do to get customer attention and make them stay for longer. Customers will realize that you value these small things and are looking to make an effort. You can segregate your days based on the meaning they carry and how it relates to your audience. Pick the days that are of more importance to your audience and celebrate them with zeal and zest.
Post Quality Content Regularly
The last thing you can think of doing online on social media is to go MIA after making a couple of posts each month. If you want a sizable following for your posts, you should ensure that you make and post quality content regularly. The content you write should stand out and should be consistent in nature. As much as quality matters, consistency is key here as well.
Make it a point to create quality content that resonates with your audience. Regardless of whether it is posting twice a day, twice a week, or twice a month, all that is important is that you have a definitive content calendar.
A content calendar can regulate everything and help you develop the proper positing schedule required for the day.
Join Relevant Groups
Joining relevant groups can help you take your thought leadership to the highest stage. Facebook has many social media groups that you can join. You can pick groups that relate to your industry niche, as that will provide you with more room to voice your opinions, make your solid facts stand out, and be appreciated by those around you.
Start with picking a few groups that relate to your niche. Once you choose your groups, you should focus on quantity over quality. Make sure you have at least 4 to 5 groups to join and be active. Don't join 10 to 12 different groups when you aren't active on even one of them.
Besides sharing your knowledge, make sure that you feel your presence in the groups and engage with other group members. It is a decent idea to converse with people and offer solutions to problems requiring advice and recommendations.

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