Page 51 - January 2022 Issue
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 Countless brands can help you step towards thought leadership. To simplify your research, you can look up a list of some of the best social profiles on Google. The search engine will guide you towards the best options and what you can do to learn from them and replicate their success.
Also, you shouldn't feel shy or pressured about reaching out to social media influencers native to your industry. Social media influencers allow you to drive your publicity and branding forward. Almost 92 percent of consumers purchase because peers or family pressures them. You can target influencers with a decent fan following to ensure that you get good returns on your investment.
Don't be Afraid to be Yourself
Your followers and customers on social media want to see the real you, not a bot sitting on the other end, creating nonsensical posts. If you're going to go for thought leadership online, you should use your social media yourself and shouldn't be afraid to be yourself.
If something makes you laugh, and there is something that you feel good about, do not be afraid to share it with everyone on your social media.
Yes, it would help if you looked to highlight your expertise and professionalism, but it shouldn't come at the expense of hiding your human side. Your customers can better identify with you if you express your values, be yourself, and interact with them as humans would.
Take Advice from Your Audience
Listen to them. Set a bold tone versus a reactive one by asking your audience for feedback and recommendations. This is a great way to head off potential issues. It also allows you to make your audience feel valued and respected by interacting with them and asking them for new ways to improve your social media presence.
If you have a social media group or page, you can ask pertinent questions about your industry and see how they respond. You will get people talking about your company and industry, and it will help give you several new ideas and solutions. The conversations will also go a long way to demonstrate just how much your audience matters to you and how much you are willing to trust them today and in the future.

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