Page 49 - January 2022 Issue
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 How to be a Standout Thought Leader
on Social Media
The rise in social media has created a spike in the interest in social media marketing. The number of social media users has grown and is continuing to grow. The rise of interest from leaders and their organizations to be active on social media has also grown tremendously. These same leaders and organizations not only use social media for pleasure, but they are also using social media to display their leadership skills and stand out as thought leaders.
An excellent social media strategy can act as a conduit for success in the social world and can open new doors and avenues for you. A decent social media strategy can also help give you a competitive advantage as you look to develop a name for your business and take it to the heights you envision.
Almost 94 percent of all small businesses today are using social media. Gone are the days when just being on social media was a competitive advantage.
With today's complicated and complex work structure, organizations and leaders need to make sure that they invest their time and efforts on social media and minimize any distractions whatsoever. As a leader on social media, you need to target thought leadership on different platforms.
With this being said, your social media posts do not necessarily have to be out of the ordinary or innovative. All you need to do is target thought leadership and stand out within your industry.
This article discusses some ways to stand out on social media become a thought leader.

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