Page 44 - January 2022 Issue
P. 44

 Going digital allows you to keep all your movies and books in one device instead of going to the store for books and maintaining a clumsy book rack inside your home. Going digital can also ensure that you have all your books and your movies in one place. You don’t have to carry them around all the time and refer to them when needed.
Embrace Space around You
Most people try to look for ways to fill the empty space around them. They don’t realize that every empty space shouldn’t necessarily be filled with another piece of furniture or a décor item. If you have empty spaces around you, you should preferably embrace them and live with them, rather than letting go of the space.
Be Comfortable Saying No
Many people today have a hard time saying no to friends and family. If you want to pick up a minimalist lifestyle, you should get comfortable saying no to people. Do you find it difficult to say no to people when they ask for favors? This means that people can exploit you and disrupt your systems and processes, which doesn’t necessarily follow a minimalist lifestyle.
The habits of a minimalist lifestyle are hard to develop at once. Since they take time and effort to develop, you should be consistent and adjust your habits accordingly.

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