Page 43 - January 2022 Issue
P. 43

 Can you buy convenience items rather than luxury items? Should you buy stuff that saves you money and can be used twice rather than buying things that can only be used for one purpose? Buying products for multiple purposes will give you the convenience and savings you require as well.
Create Systems and Processes
An excellent way to live a minimalist lifestyle is to create systems and finite processes that you can follow. Having a solid strategy for life can be beneficial in the long run. You will realize that you won’t be stressing over deadlines or other improbabilities, knowing that everything is in order, and you are following a process to get work done.
Do you forget to pay your credit bills on time? Do you have issues finishing weekly tasks in time? Do you have a hard time remembering passwords and login details? Well, you need to add more defined processes and systems into your daily routine. The more you do that, the easier it gets for you in the long run.
Shop Quality, Not Quantity
Continuing from what we have talked about briefly above, you should look to put your shopping habits in order. Instead of shopping quantity, you should go for qualifying purchases. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stop yourself from shopping altogether, but you should instead focus on quantity over quality.
Regardless of whether you need a new pair of running shoes or new work pants, look to invest in durable wear for longer durations rather than going for quantity.
Digitize Your Movies and Books
If you are big on reading and watching movies, you should consider going digital with your entire collection. Going digital will save some much-needed space for you in the long run and give you the luxury you need to find what you want.

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