Page 39 - January 2022 Issue
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 Reward Yourself
We often take things for granted and end up getting agitated. It’s crucial to take a step back, look around for all the blessings in life, and reward yourself with a treat. Go out for dinner or an excursion.
Forgive Yourself
As humans, we aren't proud of every aspect of our lives. Due to these imperfect bits, we harm ourselves and those around us. Whatever the reason, stop blaming yourself. Resolve what’s hurting you and learn to forgive yourself.
Respect Yourself
For most of our lives, other people dictate how we should be doing this or that. Recognize yourself and know your likes and dislikes. Hold your ground and respect yourself for who you really are whenever you decide on something.
Take Care of Yourself
We only live once. The last thing you want is to spend your time with unhealthy habits. Your body is the reason you’re able to do so much daily, and it deserves to be treated well.
Head out and treat yourself to a healthy meal or get something you’ve been longing for.
Change Your Thoughts
People don’t understand this simple connection, but what goes on in your mind directly affects your body. If you truly want to be kind to yourself, start by listening to the positive thoughts in your mind or actively fill it with positive thoughts to experience the many amazing things around you.
Stop Judging
We have been taught since day one that judging others is bad. But what about ourselves? The biggest way you can show yourself kindness is by quitting self- criticism. Be yourself, from how you look to how you talk or walk. Don’t allow one moment to sum up your entire life.
Make the Most of Every Opportunity
What will people say?. It doesn’t suit me. These are all fears that will continue to hold you back. It’s time to open the door and embrace what life throws at you.
Use every opportunity to push yourself farther because you're meant to explore and discover your true self.
Let It Go
Holding grudges can age you ten times faster and make you grumpy. If someone has wronged you, that reflects their character. Don’t let it ruin your day. Learn to let it go, forgive, and forget to unlock every little happiness in your life.
Emphasis on Me Time
While you’re busy doing everything for others, you forget to do little things yourself. Me time is a way of showing your mind, body, and soul that you’re there for yourself. Whether it’s re- watching a childhood movie, spending a day at the spa, or sleeping in all day long, once a week, do what only makes you happy. Sometimes, it’s okay to forget others.

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