Page 30 - January 2022 Issue
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 Use Codes and Coupons
There are ways you can buy things you want without wasting money on them. Give priority to making necessary purchases, and aim to save on whatever you purchase to multiply your savings. The best way to do so is by looking for codes and coupons around you.
There are always exciting deals around us; look around to see which deals will work for you. Coupon codes in newspapers and other online magazines can also come in handy.
Don't Shop when you are Hungry
Many people see a significant increase in spending if they hit the grocery store on an empty stomach. We tend to purchase more impulse items that we may not necessarily need because we are hungry.
Everyone is vulnerable to overconsumption and overbuying if they shop when hungry. A retail outlet survey found that hungry shoppers spend as much as 60 percent more on edible items than other shoppers who weren't. We acquire the things around us, even if they don't have much value when hungry. Make sure you don't walk into places where you may break out the credit card due to hunger.
Shop with a List
Another intelligent technique to cut down on impulse purchases and avoid unnecessarily spending more money is to always shop with a list. A list gives you defined instructions that you should follow while shopping.
Even if you are hitting the nearby store for a new belt and a new pair of shoes, you should write it down and stick by the list. Make sure that you set your budget and do everything you can to stick to it.
Remove Cards from Online Accounts
Since retail conglomerates and the digital world have made spending easy for us, it is common for people to buy items and goods they do not necessarily need. To make checking out easier, do you store your credit card numbers on multiple online stores? If you do, well, it is time to erase the info.

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