Page 24 - January 2022 Issue
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 What do you believe are important components of a positive relationship?
Not to sound like a cliche, but communication, honesty, and understanding a person's love language are great pillars to have in a relationship. I am single, and maintaining a relationship has always been a challenge while pursuing a career in this industry. Not only am I a content creator, but I'm an entrepreneur and freelancer.
If you're good at what you do, you'll stay in demand so that work can consume your time. Unfortunately, not everyone who's not in the entertainment industry understands this. Relationship periods are more challenging today than they've ever been because of social media, reality tv, and clashing of values and expectations. Some women desire traditional relationships but aren't standard in their actions.
They usually want to reap the benefits of the spoils but do not want to be involved with the grind. On the other hand, many men feel their worth to a woman is solely transactional and is based on monetary funds and material things.
As a result, the idea of building together has been lost. However, I'm a romantic and optimist, so I genuinely believe that people will figure this out and learn to be honest with their wants and needs and what they bring to the table, then connect with someone on the same vibration.
I'm looking for someone who understands and appreciates me, respects my craft and career, is a great communicator, is passionate, and lives a healthy lifestyle. They're goal-oriented,

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